These papers have been archived as originally submitted and have not been copyedited for typos.

The Sassenach, The Scot, and The Law
Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble in dialogue with Diana Galbadon’s Outlander
Be A Man: Gender and Identity in Mulan
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Miriam?
An Exegesis of Numbers 12
Preaching Abundant Heresies
Examining Theodore Parker’s Role in the Transcendentalist Movement
Making Beautiful Music Together
An Exploration of Agape in 1 Corinthians 13
I Will Live In Her House, Forever
This was the midterm assignment for the class Mysticisms East and West. We had to create a work of art, in my case three short films, and then write a paper analyzing our work in the context of the class. Please watch the three films in order before reading the paper.
The Vision of God in the Cathedral of the World
Nicholas of Cusa in dialogue with Forrest Church
Cloudy with a Chance of Creativity
This curriculum uses the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to introduce process thought to people otherwise intimidated by the philosophical writings of Alfred North Whitehead.
Kaur Formation in the Shadow of the Mouse
In Sikhism, many women are given the surname “Kaur,” which translates as “princess.” This paper examines the effect of the Western concept of princess, dominated by the Disney corporation, on the Sikh diaspora and the 3HO community.
The Rebel Jesus: A Christology in Music
A paper in which I describe how my personal Christology was formed by my deep connection to music and my family’s musical community.
Joan of Arc: Teenage Prophet and Abandoned Youth
A paper using Joan of Arc to recognize the prophetic potential of our High School Youth.
Testing the Limits of Tolerance
A critique of the practice of circumcision on infants of any sex.
A critique of the essentialist link between women and nature in ecofeminist ethics.
Spiritual Care: Case Study Analysis
Due to confidentiality, this is the only sample from my Spiritual Care and Counseling training that I can include in my portfolio because it is based on a fictional scenario.