About Rev. Meghann

In addition to being a minister, I’m a co-parent to two kids, a partner to my spouse, a dog mom, a gamer, and a back-of-the-pack runner. Before I finally followed my life-long call to ministry, I worked in the music industry, the film/tv business, and the non-profit sector. As a Unitarian Universalist, I ministers to all regardless of assigned sex, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, skin colour, size, physical ability, or cognitive ability.

Media Appearances

  • I’m an unrepentant nerd and I like to talk about how speculative fiction and art can transform lives. If you think I might bring something to your stream, podcast, etc. please don’t hesitate to ask. These appearances, depending on the context, are typically pro bono.
  • Please prepare to be vetted, not just as to your content but also to your associates. I will not appear on media projects that support the abuse and doxxing of marginalized people, or who fail to hold their colleagues who do so accountable.
  • Use the Contact Form to ask about my availability.

Leading a service in your congregation

  • My fee for leading services (live via Zoom or pre-recorded) is $315-385, depending on the geo wage index of your congregation.
  • I’m not accepting any requests for leading in-person services outside of Winnipeg at this time.
  • Alternatively, you may license a single use of a previous sermon for $270-330, also depending on the geo wage index scale of your congregation.
  • Use the Contact Form to ask about my availability.

Workshops, Keynotes, Consultations

Weddings and other Ceremonies of Significance: I’m currently only providing these services to members of my congregation.