About The Roberns



The Roberns are a package deal — wherever I am called, they follow me right into the community of the congregation. Josh’s primary commitment is caring for our children and supporting my work as a minister, but he volunteers his many talents when time and energy allow. Our children have grown up participating in all aspects of congregational life, and we wish that to continue.


is a work-at-home parent who juggles child-rearing, errand-running, and house-cleaning with writing games and books. His current project is a line of children's books titled Princess Charming. After being dragged to a UU church by his pregnant wife (that would be me) many years ago, he has since made himself a home and especially favors our social justice work. He’s credentialed for teaching the K-1 and 4-5 sections of Our Whole Lives. Above all, he finds fulfillment in being "home base" for me, the kids, and my ministry.


is eight years old and full of both questions and ideas. She likes to sing, dance, and make gifts for people. She has a voracious appetite for reading books. Her little brother is teaching her about boundaries.


is five years old and loves to dance. He has an infectious laugh and an impish smile. He loves using his hands, whether it involves solving a puzzle or playing an instrument. Taking after the snowman Olaf, he likes warm hugs.